Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boot, clutch lock etc...

First leak on the pressure regulator; an easy fix.

Checked the brake accumulator (Sometime hydro pressure warning light going on when pressing on brake pedal); did a check then I removed it to double check. No hydraulic fluid leaking from it, so the bladder is good.

Rear cylinder boot leaking.

Since it is apart I will grind the rod to get rid of the "Clonk" noise when the car rises.

The ball is also rusty; I will replace it with a new one.

Pretty deep groove in the socket where the ball goes. Dremell to the rescue!

The rod is back to a smooth state.

New cylinder boot...

... and new ball socket boot.

In place.

I park the car in my garage and make sure I put it back exactly at the same spot. I can identify the leaks by looking up where the drops are coming from.

The clutch lock is leaking as well as the 1st/2nd gear fork shaft.

Also, the drive shafts are leaking.

Some wetness near the gearbox on the hydraulic lines (For shifting).

No much to do to fix the drive shaft leaks without putting the gearbox apart. I have installed some hoses (Which were missing) to make sure the gear box fluid doesn't get to the rotors.

The O ring on the 1st/2nd gear fork shaft was hard and flattened. No sealer was used also.

New O ring and some sealer. The gear fluid seeps a little but goes to the next chamber in order to fall back in the gear box by a little hole.

The clutch lock is leaking...

I have O rings for LHS but not LHM, so I have to wait a week to continue there.


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